Silver Braces for Young Adults

Metallic braces are the traditional way of correcting orthodontic problems. They use constant, gentle pressure, which, over time, moves teeth into their proper position. Your braces are at work every moment of your orthodontic treatment.

The two main components of your braces are:

  • The brackets that are placed on your teeth
  • The main arch wire that connects them

Traditional, Customizable Braces

Traditional metallic (silver) brackets offer one of the most customizable ways to receive treatment, and that is because you can choose and coordinate the colors of the elastic ties that hold the wire down inside each bracket. Get ready to pick your team colors, seasonal or holiday colors, or even glow in the dark!

Self-Ligating, Decreased Treatment Braces

Always on the cutting edge of technology, Tendler Orthodontics also offers self-ligating brackets. This type of bracket comes with its own “gate” or sliding door built into its design, and that gate holds the wire inside, without the need of colors. Research shows that using this system decreases treatment time and increases patient comfort during treatment. Self-ligating brackets are also easier to keep clean and require fewer adjustment appointments. We are proud to offer Innovation and Innovation C self-ligating brackets to our patients.

Does Your Teen Need Braces?

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